Mission – The right choice everyday!

Here at DOpla Group, we are proud of our past and grateful to all who choose us; who work with us and for us. We are firmly and unwaveringly committed to building our future - a better and more sustainable future driven by innovative technologies, advanced materials and novel products.
We will continue to be a leading industrial player, strongly rooted in Italy and Europe.
We will generate value for our shareholders and benefit for all our stakeholders, by being committed to our mission every day in our work.

We will lead the change in the transformation of our sectors, towards the offering of useful and eco-friendly products and solutions suited to the needs of our Consumers and Professionals in packaging for the consumption of food and drinks.
Our trade in foreign product solely represents a means to an end – either to compensate for the limitations of our production capacity at times of peak demand or as competitive but non-economically sustainable complementary products to our range – in any case and without exceptions, these products will be of the highest quality and in full compliance with applicable regulations

To adapt with the changes in tastes, preferences and regulations toward products with lower environmental impact; to build a less ugly, less dirty, more practical and joyful world.
We believe in the genuine and perpetual need of our Customers and Professionals for the hygienic, safe and convenient packaging, transport, consumption and disposal of food and drinks, beyond the materials used from time to time.

We recognize that the need for respect, development and fulfillment of the people whom have chosen to share our path is no less significant than the economic returns of those who finance us, supply us and assist us professionally.
ach day we learn from the impact of innovation on our products and our way of working and in turn, each day we strive to innovate and improve.
We live off the fruits of our labour, therefore we want to earn the right reward for the value generated for the benefit of others.

DOpla Group – Our Sustainable Agenda