Our guidelines on Raw Materials

The problem is neither the SUP nor its implementation in each EU country.
The main factor which set in motion the transformation we are experiencing today began upstream of the regulatory intervention, from the changes in people’s values, preferences and tastes.
The SUP directive simply gave it an official seal.
Right or wrong, humourism or scientific fact - regardless, we have past the point of no return: single-use plastic is no more; at least not in our products.

DOpla Group is strongly committed to our industrial and supply chain transformations, to guarantee the offer of eco-friendly products in full compliance with the most stringent regulations for food and safety. 
The use of bio-based materials, compostability certifications for compostable products, usage of paper and cellulose pulp with certifiable provenance from sustainable forestry, re-usability certifications of traditional plastic products for multiple cycles in the dishwasher and rooting our production in Italy and Europe have all been part of our business even before today.